Meet: Based in Design

Making a house a home takes a certain knack – being able to turn bare walls and transfer beige carpeting into a warm, signature place that feels like home is an art.

Brianna Beninati has that knack.

She’s a military spouse, who knows the importance and the struggle of getting it just right and making your temporary house a home.

And now she’s helping other military wives through her business, Based in Design.

Based in Design is an interior design company passionate about designing military families comfortable interiors so that they can focus on the importance of connecting with their new community. Based in Design caters to unique design difficulties that these families face and desires to makes their house a home, no matter how permanent or temporary.

The name is rooted not only on design principles but a love for relationships that cultivate a firm foundation for life.  “To be based in something,” means to be deeply rooted beyond the foundation.  Founder Brianna believes whole-heartedly in the harmony of the two ideas and how different a life can feel when you combine the two concepts.

Military spouses especially deal with challenge of making an unknown house in an unknown city a home for their families. Part of military life is being constantly uprooted – thrown into another city, another home to start all over again on another military base.  That’s where Brianna comes in – in person or via computer.

Born into a contractor family, she grew up loving Home Depot and the magic it held for her in the endless paint options aisle.  She learned quickly from her father that hard work was necessary, and that you can make your living space anything you want it to be.

She learned first-hand the struggle of living in a base home that didn’t really feel like home, and what that could do to a person’s identity. She longed for a way to make a difference helping other military wives.

Interior design is a field that normally caters to families designing a permanent home.  Military families generally do not have the pleasure of calling a home permanent for many years.  Because of that, Brianna has the unique ability to choose finishes that are easily transportable to their next homes, choices that are non-damaging to rentals, and to have a keen eye for design pops that can make a space feel like more than a cookie-cutter housing plan.

Her business is built on what inspires and makes her come alive -- a love for beautiful design and military friendships.

She works with all the various branches of the military. She is in the process of gathering house plans of bases throughout the world. She currently works with clients -- in person in Columbus, Mississippi -- and elsewhere via computer through E-Design. A service where people can take photos of a space and allow her to place their furniture, add color and items to make that space reflect their own tastes.  

Based in Design is a business built on helping people transition to a new place and home no matter the branch or the budget. No matter the house you currently live in, it can always be molded into a space where you find joy, comfort, and community.   

 To find out more about this unique business--go to or follow the transformations and projects on Instagram/Facebook: @BasedinDesign.

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