About Brianna of Based In Design

The name Based in Design is rooted not only on design principles but a love for relationships that cultivate a firm foundation for life. “To be based in something,” means to be deeply rooted beyond the foundation. Interior design is a field that traditionally caters to families designing a permanent home. Military families generally do not have the pleasure of calling a home permanent for many years. Because of that, we create designs that can be easily transported, are non-damaging to rentals, and make a space feel like more than a temporary housing plan.

Hello! My name is Brianna, the owner and designer behind Based in Design. I grew up surrounded by the scent of freshly milled lumber and the subtle metallic hint of new screws. My dad is a general contractor and I swore I would grow up to do anything but be in the construction industry. However, after years in entertaining myself in the paint aisle, I realized as a young adult that matching the colors wasn’t just a knack, it was my passion. I learned from my father that hard work and discipline were the two key factors to life. Based in Design is the fruition of just that.

When my husband first entered the military, I had no idea what I would do with my degree, as we would have to move frequently. As I heard the complaints of my friends struggling to fit their furniture into new homes and how their house just didn’t feel quite like they wished, an idea blossomed. I want to help military families feel like every house is a home. My dream is to design comfortable interiors for military families so that they can focus on the importance of connecting with their new community.